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About Jet International

For nearly 40 years, Jet International has been supplying airframe and engine components for the world’s commercial aircraft. We have earned a reputation for the best service in the industry, for the highest quality, and for on-time delivery. Our goal is to provide you with the innovation to meet your needs, the creativity to solve your problems, and the personal attention that makes doing business with Jet International a pleasure.

You need a supplier that is big enough to have the spares in stock when you need them and the knowledge and experience to meet all of your needs. You need a supplier that will give you the personal attention, the creativity, and the service that you deserve. You need a supplier that is flexible and willing to adapt and do business the way that you want to do it. You need a dependable supplier, one that delivers on time, every time. Our 24/7 AOG service proves that time over time for many years and many more to come.

Quality is top priority at Jet International. We are determined to exceed your quality expectations. Our quality control system is registered by the quality system standards under ISO 9001-2008 and by ASA-100, as documented in FAA Advisory Circular 00-56. Our facilities undergo regular inspections by these quality organizations as well as by our airline customers’ quality control auditors. We do not compromise on quality.

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