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October 2019


Welcome to FAST Newsletter 2019

Hello Everyone. Sorry for the delay in getting this newsletter out. We all have been crazy busy this year. The economy has been booming and our clients have been going gangbusters.

 Thanks to everyone for a fantastic Que Group this year. We were so happy
to see everyone again and thanks to everyone who attended our company
appreciation party. It was a great success!! Next year we need a larger
venue. All pictures have been posted on Framici.com

We would like to welcome Frank Mascirella to our team.  

Frank comes to us as a quality, supply Chain, logistics, and Quantum professional.

He began working at Eastern Airlines as an Engine Mechanic, where he utilized his FAA Airframe and Powerplant license. Over the next 35 years he progressed from repair station duties, to various mid-management and senior leadership quality and safety oversight positions with such industry leaders as Aviation Sales, Kellstrom Industries, Atlas Air, Regional One, and AeroTurbine. He has been involved with implementing and maintaining rigorous quality standards, some of which include ISO 9001:2008, AS 9120, ISO 14001 and ASA-100. Dedicated to professional growth and industry oversight advancement, He is active member in ASA and other Quality associations; He also participated in AFRA since the inception in 2006.

Looking at putting Quantum on the cloud?

Our friends at Chelsea Technologies can help. They have extensive experience with Quantum on Azure. Contact Meyer and he can give you the lowdown. meyer@chelsea-tech.com

Adding a New User?

Adding a new user in Quantum has become complex the more your company utilizes all of Quantum’s functions. Follow the instructions below to make sure you don’t miss any places where the new user needs to be added.

  1. Add user to Quantum security.
  2. Add user to security template
  3. Add user to CQ,SO,PO,RO ,WO,SM statuses
  4. Add user to WO users in WO dropdown, setup, users (if Shop)
  5. Add WO user code for barcoding (if BC is used)
  6. Add user to crystal reports individual report security
  7. Add to themes
  8. Add email and user name to user settings

Some 4K Fixes…

Thank Microsoft for some relief when it comes to legacy products. If you are using Quantum on a 4K screen you know that Crystal and Quantum become so tiny it is not practical. This is should help.

Right click on the Quantum icon and go to compatibility tab, change settings for all users.

Then change high DPI settings.

Quantum should now work in normal size.

Our friends at Ambry Hill Technologies have created an amazing cloud-based RFQ processing application called VistaQuote: RFQ Rapid Response.

 VistaQuote is a cloud-based application designed to automate your RFQ and quoting workflow. Global sales teams can now manage RFQs and quotes inside one platform, using your real-time inventory information. New quote records are automatically created inside your local business software. In addition, VistaQuote deploys a first-ever automated export compliance solution that uses your new or existing VisualCompliance eCustoms subscription. Once eCustoms is activated, VistaQuote will automatically screen all of your new RFQs against global threats and bans; making the process of managing your export compliance program much easier. All of this technology is also available through the free VistaQuote mobile application for both Apple and Android devices. Learn more and schedule a live demonstration by visiting www.vista-quote.com. Also, take a look at this recent article at https://aviation.cioreview.com/vendor/2019/ambry_hill_technologies that speaks to the success of our product.

Image Pro for Quantum


We have partnered with Corptechpro.com to deliver Image Pro bolt on to Quantum. Image Pro is quick to install and is completely customizable to your system. Whether it be shipping, receiving or other of your processes with imaging,we have found that using Image Pro you can save time and money simplifying your process flow. They offer a 30 day trial. Let us know if you want to try it out. services@framici.com

Marty has spent some time documenting Quantum Hot keys. Email him at johntoms@framici.com and he will send you the excel sheet.

Ryan has been working hard to create a proper analytics dashboard using the latest technology. Have a look at see what you think

As many of you have experienced… once implemented well Quantum Control is powerful software for your company operations. It has the flexibility to handle every day business process for companies large and small. The core structure of the platform offers most of the operations necessary to meet the needs of aviation businesses of all types. But things change. And businesses get smarter and data moves faster. But it must also needs to move everywhere. Quickly and easily.

Bezlio is a data mobility platform that interacts with your Quantum data across mobile, desktop, and web platforms. Not just reading and analyzing data but also allowing for input. Given enough development time, it can be a full web interface for Quantum where you have control over the user experience. For both internal and external users.

From a customer requesting a quote on a part you have in inventory and looking up a tracking number on the order they placed the other day to a worker recording labor time and the parts he used on a work order. Even the executives can now have access to live sales statistics and KPI data. And if you have Quantum Accounting we can even deliver live financial statements, record credit card payments on open invoices/AP. From nearly any MS Windows, Apple, or Android device connected to the internet.

With data flexibility achieved the next question is often data security. This dashboard system is based upon pre-shared encryption key (AES256 standard) and predefined sql statements to interact with the Quantum database. This ensures that nothing but the expected data can be input and only from authorized users. This is the current public standard defined by the NSA to protect top secret classified data.

Another data security and mobility measure is that Bezlio does not store any data longer than is necessary to complete a function at both the device and server level. At the device level this means that remote offline workers, maybe a mechanic repairing a DHC-3 deep in the Arctic, can record the parts they used, the time they spent, and the expenses they incurred on their mobile device even when offline far from any cell network. And as soon as the user is back on the internet their data will upload. Directly into Quantum. At the server level this means that Bezlio does not store your data any longer than it takes to pass the request to the Quantum server. That request consists only of the data that fits into the predefined sql statement that will perform the desired action. And it is not possible to change the operational sql statement without direct access to the server.

Please review their offering at Bezlio and the screenshots of options we can build. They offer a compelling option for interacting with your Quantum reporting, analysis, and operational data in real time… wherever you are.

Stay tuned for Quantum training in Fort Lauderdale. We will offer advanced Quantum Training in Operations, Shop and accounting in a classroom setting.

Interested in adding to the newsletter or want to talk about specific topics?


Email me at services@framici.com.


Until next Quarter. Remember now with Quantum you have a choice. Choose FAST!

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