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We’re a multi-disciplined technology firm blending aviation-specific solutions with scalable technology customized just for you.

Framici Aviation Services Technology


With over 18 years helping clients world-wide better leverage Quantum Control, a leading MRO and Logistics aviation software solution, we’re great partners to have. We deliver best-in-class business solutions ensuring your business realizes the growth potential you deserve.

Simply put, FAST is your friend for your Aviation Services needs.


Our Services

Performance Evaluation

We’ll evaluate your Quantum database performance, then help you bring it back to optimal health

Quantum Dashboards

We’ll develop and install custom widgets giving you real-time awareness to powerfully gauge the health of your business.

Upgrade Support

We’ll help you with your Quantum and database upgrades, ensuring these important events happen quickly and smoothly.

Training Services

Need training? We’ll provide remote & onsite training with beginning & advanced focus. We also provide administrative training for IT staff. Watch out for our webinars & classroom training in your area.

Installation Services

We’ll install and configure your hardware and software, helping you achieve optimum stability and performance.

Implementation Services

New to Quantum? FAST can provide full implementation services. From installation and training to reporting and setup. FAST can provide remote and onsite services to get you live as soon as possible.

Reporting Infrastructure

We’ll  help you develop a custom reporting infrastructure using Integrated Crystal Reports, Forms Designer, and Event Manager, giving you a clear understanding of your business activity and health.

Event Manager

We’re experts in advanced, process automation — from initial setup, process configuration, and Document Image integration, to training your staff how to write custom scripts. We can also create them for you.

Process Flow Management

Are you leveraging Quantum to its fullest potential? Are you utilizing best practices in your work flow? Have one of our advanced trainers show you how to improve your processes & save you money.

Disaster Recovery

Remaining operational after a disaster is critical to your business. It’s in the good-times that you must implement the correct combination of tools and procedures. We’re your friends in disaster recovery planning and if needed, disaster recovery.

Software Integrator

FAST works with experienced software integrators to make your ERP work best for you. Whether it be a web interface , accounting integration, or any other additions that will help you refine your processes, we have you covered.

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